All guys are rough, tough and insensitive, aren’t they? Well, of course they aren’t and they love to hear compliments, just as much as a girl does. Unlike girls though, men don’t often complement each other, which makes it even more important to them, when a girl does compliment them. Complimenting a guy on his hair, clothes or shoes may not be a big thing for a man, so read on, and find out 10 things that you can say to a guy that he will love:black-couple-kissing-laying-down-e1342504738499

1. Have him bristling with manly pride with a simple: ‘Can you help me with this, please?’

It may not be fashionable to talk about a man looking after his defensive lady, but they still love it when you ask them for help. Asking him to unscrew a pickle jar or reach up to a top shelf for you, will have him bristling with manly pride.