A Message To All The Single Ladies: There’s Nothing Wrong With You

A Message To All The Single Ladies: There’s Nothing Wrong With You

Even though I’m only 22, I’m constantly bewildered by strangers politely inquiring if I have a husband or children or if I have a serious boyfriend. I’m not questioning the importance of having relationships; I’m just trying to figure out why people put so much focus on a woman’s relationship status.

Articles for women and men are full of advice and opinions on what will help them gain and retain a mate (often assumed of the opposite sex).

With books like “Marry Smart” from the “Princeton Mom,” Susan Patton, coming out and controversial articles like Phyllis Schlafly’s piece in the Christian Post, arguing that women should be paid less so they can focus on finding a suitable husband, it’s hard to know which piece of advice to adhere to.

There are countless discussions on women seeking, obtaining and keeping a mate, but what about the women who look for happiness outside a romantic relationship first?

The fundamental assumption still made in this day and age is that a man is single by choice and a woman single because no one wants her. This fallacy continues to uphold myths about women and what they are expected to desire from life.

For the women who are single by choice, I salute you, and ask you to remember the following: