There are no good men out there. All men are the same.

That is the funniest statement I have ever heard. In my opinion women who make statements like that are the reason why many other women get married with the wrong mindset. And instead of giving the poor guy a chance they are quick to match him fire for fire. Confusion multiplied with more confusion equals confusion. The unspoken message is that “men are the enemy”. Trust me, no man wants to control you as a woman. Many of us women can nag, moan, and complain so damn much, that men are trying to get away from us, so they can get some peace of mind. Ahhh PEACE. What bliss.

Now the problem with this kind of dysfunctional thinking is that your daughters are learning to hate men in general (their father and brothers included), to be bitter as hell, and have ZERO expectations from any relationship that they may enter into later on in life. You are setting them up for failure. Your sons are learning to be bitchy and ruthless and if they do get involved or married to a woman to expect her to be a psychotic crase woman, because guess what – THAT’S WHAT MAMA WAS! With this mentality, the truth is you are KILLING your childrens’ future by showing them how to be completely dysfunctional in EVERYTHING that they do. Welldone woman, you have successfully raised the next generation.

Unfortunately, these kind of women have been conditioned to think and believe a lie that they can become queens without a King. My dear, there is order in the animal kingdom and there must be a King for there to be a kingdom. It is the king that transforms a princess into a queen. Even when all of the “Queens” are brought forth in all of their majesty, you will still have a dysfunctional, messed up situation on your hands, because THERE WON’T BE ANY KINGS AROUND! It’s called a KINGDOM, not a QUEENDOM.

For the women who desire to be equal with a man by all means. Who like to struggle for power and control with their man in an attempt to show their worth, you are just telling the world that you are not comfortable being a woman. Now, Satan desired to be equal with GOD. Does that sound familiar? Until some of us women learn to keep our mouth shut, sit down without struggling for recognition, and allow MEN to be MEN, you will continue to operate in a bitter cycle that you were NEVER meant to be in.

If you find yourself picking the same kind of men and come to the conclusion that there are no good men out there and that all men are the same, maybe the problem is with you. So, honey there are lots of good men out there, they are just not into YOU! (Seems to me like your bitter personality stinks even from a distance).